New Zealand | The Southern Realm is my first publication, a documentation of the first five years of my photographic journey, one that has been full of many ups and downs.  I am dedicated to this land and this path. This place and I are inseparable and I only hope that through my imagery you can take with you, wherever in the world you may live, a part of New Zealand to cherish. Strive to look for the wonder of nature wherever you call home, and give time to find solitude in your everyday life. May this book be a reminder of that for you.



I have dedicated my life to documenting the natural wonders of this place: the light, the shape of the land and their interactions. The rugged wild coastline, the lush native bush, the rolling green grassland and the beautiful tranquil mountain clad lakes have all personalities that speak to me when I am still in their presence.  New Zealand | The Southern Realm brings nature into your life, I want to share my experiences and my deep connection with this land with you, this is a book to cherish and to share.

I want to share these visions with you, I want to inspire others to seek out nature, to find peace in solitude, and to spend more of life being less busy and being more passionate about what matters most to you.


I am excited about the future, thankful for my past and trying to live in the present as best I can by doing what I love. The road is long and my journey with my camera has just begun. Thank you for being a part of it.

Book Specifications:

Size:               Landscape 5 x 7”

Paper:            168 Pages (141 Images) – 157gsm Matt

 – all images gloss varnished

Case:              Cloth Bound

 – Foil Embossed – front and spine

Dust Jacket:  Matt Laminate, French Folded

  – UV Spot Gloss detailing

ISBN:              978-0-473-35697-2

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